Charlie Anderson, aka Peanuts – Camp Director

With an attempt to have more energy than his dog Lily, Charlie tries to “Live More” each day. Charlie grew up in California, exploring the outdoors with his brother, Tyler who passed away in 2010. Camp Tamarack is the perfect setting for Charlie to continue to share the Anderson boys’ love for adventure and the outdoors and he is excited to share his passion for education, exploration, and personal growth with others.







Otter, Assistant Director

Otter’s passion for Outdoor Education began 10 years ago when she found herself knee deep in a stream full of macroinvertebrates and fifth graders. The week she spent as a Student Leader at Twin Oaks Outdoor School, outside of Eugene, teaching students about stream ecology began her life as an Environmental Educator. This journey has taken her to Oregon State University where she earned a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science and Environmental Education, to the tide pools of Newport at Hatfield Marine Science Center, to the villages of Malawi, Africa where she served in the Peace Corps, and finally to the majestic Central Oregon pines of Camp Tamarack. Otter brings an amazing focus on excellence, crafting our programs to maximize the opportunities for learning and fun in a safe and productive environment.  She is happy to spend her days helping to create and shape field studies, one macroinvertebrate at a time!





Squirrel, Site Supervisor

Born and raised in California’s central valley with two of the coolest parents of all time, Squirrel is the oldest of four and a graduate from American River College. His love of the outdoors and outdoor education was fostered at Camp Winton- the crown jewel of the High Sierras and one of the premier High Adventure programs in the Nation. Squirrel spent 8 summers as a Winton staffer and finished as the Outdoor Skills Director. Two of our very own Camp Tamarack staff members, Bear and Eagle, are from Winton as well. Squirrel’s work at Camp Tamarack is fostered by his love of going to camp as a kid and looking up to the awesome staff members. He hoped and dreamed of one day becoming one of those awesome staff members and well, here he is, with care and commitment, bringing his amazingly fun ideas and thoughtful programs to Tamarack. Here’s to you, little Squirrel.





Orion, Health Director

Since the impressionable age of seven, overnight summer camp has been a standard occurrence in Orion’s life. Growing up outside of Boston, it provided a needed escape allowing for summers free of technology and filled with outdoor activities.  Attending the same camp throughout her childhood, Orion thrived as a camper who matured into a counselor, seeing camp from many different angles.  Even during her days at Willamette University, Orion managed to dream about summer camp and turned it into her thesis topic for her Sociology degree. Since discovering Outdoor School and all that environmental education has to offer to the youth of Central Oregon, she has wanted to work on providing an experience that echoed the one she grew up with. With experience as a camper, a counselor, and a program leader, Orion is now the Health Director of Camp Tamarack.  This allows her to work in a place that she loves and continue to grow with the participants of the program – Orion is the ‘mother hen’ of camp, watching out for all the campers, singing the loudest at campfire (her voice is beautiful!) and making everyone laugh with her infectious humor.  She is WEMT certified, a trained life guard, with CPR and AED certifications, as well as being a Wilderness First Responder!



WingnutWingnut, Facilities Director

Growing up, Wingnut was a camper too – that experience at camp was magical and life changing for him. When he was at camp he felt he was able to grow more confident as a person; it was the one place he could just simply be himself. Wingnut was born and raised in Southern California, where he majored in Art at Los Angeles Valley College. Wingnut enjoyed camp so much that he went back as a counselor and later on worked in a camp kitchen.He was also very active in music, playing trumpet for my high school marching band and a marching core. In 1998, he and his wife Rois moved to Oregon where he embarked on a culinary career; Wingnut was a chef for 15 years. Wingnut made a career change when he and Rois started a family as professional kitchen hours are not family friendly and family is very important to him!

Wingnut then entered the field of construction. He attended AGC trades school and received his Journeyman’s Laborers card. From there he worked in landscape construction, stone masonry and was running building projects both large and small. Wingnut also worked for Nordstrom’s as the building services manager. Their emphasis on customer service is evident in the way that Wingnut approaches his position at Tamarack….our campers are some of his customers and he makes it a priority that they have a great experience! Wingnut feels strongly that his different career paths have all led him to Camp Tamarack . He has come full circle and is back at camp, the place that feeds his love of the outdoors and brings the magic to kids and adults alike.


Bison, Camp Cook

Bison graduated from Culinary School with honors. His love of travel has brought him most recently to Louisiana, through North Carolina and Illinois, while traveling he’s always willing to try any kind of food he can experience. He played high school and college football, and was also involved in track, boy scouts, basketball, soccer, band, chess club and theater. In his free time, he plays a  bass guitar and drums and he loves to hike, fish and camp. He’s currently on a biking kick and aspires to participate in a triathlete!  Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles are greatly important to him.



Althea, Field Instructor

Born in California but raised in Iowa, Althea’s love of travel began early.  Since then she has found homes from Oxford, England to Santiago de Chile and from Madison, WI to Detroit, MI with one or two stops in between.  She has studied literature and languages, including a newfound interest in computer programming languages.  She’s most passionate about climbing big trad lines, backpacking and yoga but she’s also enthusiastic about, if not very good at, ariel silks, making jewelry, and playing the mandolin. She can’t wait to share her love of the outdoors with the next generation of explorers and adventurers!




Cedar, Field Instructor

Cedar’s journey into the wonderful world of environmental education started at the young age of six, when Santa Claus delivered her a great big whiteboard for Christmas. She spent countless hours as she grew up in the Sacramento region of California practicing the art of teaching in her playroom. In high school, Cedar had the opportunity to teach at a local nature preserve, and quickly realized the only classroom she wanted to be in was the great outdoors! From there she moved on to the University of Nevada, Reno to earn her degree in environmental science. While she enjoyed attending the University, the highlight of her time there was working and playing in the incredible Sierra Nevada mountains. When she wasn’t teaching or facilitating the challenge course with an awesome environmental education non-profit, Cedar spent her time skiing and hiking her way through the Sierras. She also has a passion for arts and crafts and can typically be spotted rocking a homemade tie-dye creation! She is so excited for this next adventure at Camp Tamarack and can’t wait to meet you all!



Crawdad, Field Instructor

Crawdad is from the beautiful small town of Woodbury, Connecticut. He grew up with a plot of woods surrounding his house where his love for the natural world was first sparked. He learned every bird, tree, and mammal in the little plot of woods! He started college in the fall of 2012 at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island and began his studies in biology. Crawdad then started working on Salve Regina’s research vessel in Narragansett Bay as a crew member and eventually crew leader. He also volunteered with a non-profit organization called Clean Ocean Access where he travelled around to the local elementary schools and taught the 2nd and 3rd graders about watershed dynamics and the importance of keeping them clean and healthy. Outside of research he have been an avid runner all of his life and ran cross country and track from 6th grade all the way through college. He also loves hiking, biking, camping, and above all snowboarding! He’s happy as a clam in the water whether he’s in a lake, river, or his beloved ocean. He believes Outdoor education teaches real and applicable skills that can be practical in most situations. He wants to emulate the type of passion that he has seen his mentors express when they teach outdoors because he knows that if that passion had a positive impact on him, it can on you on the youth of Camp Tamarack.


Snail, Field Instructor

Snail is from upstate New York and has a bachelors degree in physical education and a masters degree in environmental and outdoor recreation from a state school in central New York. For the past 2 years he’s been teaching outdoor pursuits activities like backpacking, XC skiing, and canoeing to college students for credit. He love to ski, hike and rock climb; and is passionate about outdoor education because it provides students with a unique environment to learn about the outdoors.





Lazerhawk, Field Instructor

It was in the emerald forests of Astoria, Oregon that Lazerhawk first sharpened his teeth and scraped his shins in the outdoors.  Growing up between the woods of Shively Park and the swamps of Svenson, Lazerhawk found himself with a compulsive curiosity for the natural world.  He was an annual enrollee at Camp Kiwanalong on the coast, one of his favorite experiences as a child.  At 15, he enrolled himself in Astoria High School’s esteemed Aqua Biology program, raising salmon in their multi-million dollar fish hatchery and exploring the riparian zones around Clatsop County. In the summer of 2008, Lazerhawk began working with Campfire Columbia’s Xploregon program, taking Portland high school kids on service learning road trips across the state.  He is thrilled to be working in a place as beautiful and fun as Tamarack, and hopes to enroll in grad school for education after the fall season is complete.  



Rainbow, Field Instructor

An Oregonian through and through, Rainbow has spent all of her years traipsing through the cool green forests, splashing around with salmon in the creeks, climbing up rocks, falling off rocks, and getting to know the many different plants and creatures she meets along the way. Whether it was her island kayak commute to teach English to indigenous primary schoolers in Panama, weeding and sorting beans with local coffee farming cooperatives while living on active volcanoes in Guatemala, or watching worms compost in the largest urban farm while she studied food in Cuba, all of her jobs have led her back to explore the wonderful out of doors. After working quickly on riparian zone restoration and community garden projects within an Oregon charter school, Rainbow completed her thesis on the links between us humans, the foods we eat, and the environments we live in to earn her bachelors of science in Sociology and Anthropology concentrated in Latin American and Food Studies with a certificate in Non-Profit Management. Now living on the beautiful edges of Camp Tamarack’s Dark Lake, Rainbow is jazzed to share all the experiences that outdoor school will bring with all the creatures, human and otherwise, who cross her path in the classroom and in the forest. From the bottom of the lake to the top of the tallest trees, Rainbow can’t wait to see what we can discover, how we can grow, what things we can create, what questions we can ask, and what we can learn together this coming season! 




RAAAAA, Field Instructor

RAAAAA grew up in a little nook of the northern Idaho forests, surrounded by mountains and wild things. She constantly checked the water quality of her neighborhood steams and rivers, and spent afternoons wandering along wilderness trails and taking notes about the ecosystem and geology around her. She grew up to live in several different places, exploring Europe and moving around the US. Finally, Oregon called her to its mystical, magical lands, where she had the opportunity to build trails, work to repair riparian zones, and focus on creating thriving native wildlife habitats. Soon, she realized that she didn’t have to live life the way that everyone had always told her she had to, and decided immediately that she belonged working outside and sharing the importance of taking care of our Earth with others. Her introduction to camp began when she worked as a kayaking and canoeing director for the Boy Scouts of America, and RAAAA was immediately hooked on the life of outdoor education and the pure joy of learning with kids outdoors about the incredible world that surrounds us. You can usually find her backpacking, planning a journey to new places, or finding delicious food. 

Bracken, Field Instructor

Incredibly stoked to have found such an incredible community here at camp tamarack, Bracken is excited to live and learn here on the edge of Dark Lake. Born and raised in the Bay Area of California, Bracken grew up going to camp in the San Juan Islands of Washington, where he got to live outdoors and experience nature first hand every summer. After graduating from Cal State Northridge with a Bachelors in Geography, Bracken worked as an afterschool teacher for three years, while returning to his childhood camp each summer to work as the Naturalist. Bracken likes to hike, read and train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in his free time. New to Oregon, he is looking forward to growing his knowledge of the local area and exploring the fantastic terrain of our home.




Juniper, Camp Dog

My name is Juniper and I’m the camp dog. Though I’m originally from California, I’m happy to have moved to Bend because I sure do love the snow. They think I’m part German Shepard and some other type of small dog mix since I’m only about 50lbs. I love to spend my days at camp, where you’ll almost never see me without a colorful neckerchief on, just like the summer camp staff! My favorite things to do at camp are swimming in Dark Lake, running amongst the beautiful Central Oregon pines, playing with campers during cabin time, and learning new tricks (if you have treats I like of course like, pork rinds and chicken jerky). 

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