Parent & Camper Guide

Summer 2017

Thank you for choosing Camp Tamarack for your child’s summer camp experience! Camp Tamarack’s mission is to provide opportunities for youth to engage in exploration and recreation activities that connect them to nature in a safe and enriching environment, learn new skills, make meaningful new friendships and discover new things about themselves. We’re looking forward to a safe and fun summer that instills self-reliance in your child and forms great memories that will last a lifetime.

Camp Tamarack is dedicated to imparting respect, responsibility, honesty, and compassion in each of our campers. Each of our staff members are carefully selected for their talents they present and trained extensively to meet our high standard of excellence.

Please know that we are available to answer your questions and listen to your needs. Simply call us at 541-633-9847, send an email, or leave a message for any of our staff.
We look forward to meeting you child this summer!

  • Charlie Anderson, Director
  • Lauren “Otter” Rodgers, Assistant Director
  • Donny “Squirrel” Stevens, Site Supervisor


7:15 – Wake Up
8:00 – Breakfast
9:00 – Duties
9:25 – Weekly 1
10:30 – Daily 1
11:20 – Daily 2
12:15 – Game Show Mystery
12:30 – Lunch
1:15 – Rest Hour

2:00 – Weekly 2

3:15 – Open Swim/Open Recreation
4:15 – Snack
4:25 – Open Swim/Open Recreation

6:00 – Dinner
7:00 – Camp Wide Activity
8:30 – Camp Fire
9:45 – Lights Out!

Weekly vs. Daily

Weeklys: Classes that are taught everyday. Campers select on Sunday evening the 2 weekly classes that they would like to take during the week. We offer 18 different weeklys to choose from that fall under our three area categories: Waterfront, Outdoor Skills, and Hobby House. Dailys: Short classes that are taught once per day for one hour that campers select and are randomized. We offer 8 different dailys each day.  Examples of dailys include: snorkeling, ice cream making, capture the flag, treasure hunts, archery, hiking, team sports, and lots of different campy type campy crafts, just to name a few!

Open Swim/Recreation Every afternoon we have recreation time for campers, meaning they choose how they would like to spend their afternoon. Options include swimming, paddle boarding/canoeing, splash mountain, BONGO, waterslide, a variety of arts and crafts  in our art studio, gaga ball, racket sports/basketball, board games, and of course, hanging out with new friends!


Adventure Team is an optional program for campers that are 12 or 13 years of age. Campers leave site after breakfast and return around lunch time. During that time they participate in various outdoor adventure activities such as rock climbing, caving, overnight camping and hiking to Black Butte. Space is limited and campers must have a separate permission slip signed. No additional cost for this program.



During the summer, if you need to visit camp during this time, please make arrangements in advance with the Site Supervisor.


The camp experience is a way for children to develop a greater sense of independence. Therefore, no phone is available for campers to routinely make or receive calls. However, should your child need to call home, Site Supervisor will arrange a time and, together with the camper, they will make the call home.


Should you need to contact your camper in emergency circumstances, please do so through the contact numbers below. A director will contact you and offer his/ her assistance as to the best way to be in contact with your child.



Please allow enough time for the mail to reach your camper before the end of his or her session. Please do not send any food to campers. Food in cabins invites unwelcome visitors (animals!). The last day campers receive mail is on Thursday. When sending care packages, encourage your camper to share with the entire cabin. This will help maintain a happy social dynamic. Ideas for things to send to your camper include: books, cards, address books, small stuffed animals, and/or items to share with a group.


Camp Tamarack
Camper’s Name – Camp Session
30901 SW Forest Service Road 2066-600
Sisters, OR 97759


Staff are trained to handle day-to-day situations that may arise during your camper’s stay at Camp Tamarack in a safe and caring manner. Instances when you might expect to hear from camp staff for consultations or to arrange to pick up your camper may include:

  • Behavioral issues including bullying or verbal or physical aggression.
  • Severe homesickness
  • Illness, including vomiting or respiratory
  • Symptoms with a fever over 100*F
  • If your child receives medical care outside
  • The ordinary including bee stings, fractures and sprains.
  • If your child requires medical care off-site we will do our best to reach you before we leave camp. A cell phone will accompany your child and staff so you may be in contact with your child.
  • Emergencies or evacuations. See below.


In the unlikely event it is necessary to evacuate Camp Tamarack, we will attempt to contact the family starting with the lives-with parent or guardian, then the emergency contact person, in that order. At that time, the person we make contact with will be given further instructions as to how the evacuation will proceed. For this reason, it is truly important that we have accurate contact information for parents and emergency contact persons during your child’s camp experience.

Based on the type of emergency, Camp Tamarack will make a decision on the most prudent way to return campers safely to their homes. Such an emergency may require parents or contact persons to pick up their child at camp. If the need arises, general information regarding evacuation will be listed on the website at 


Camp Tamarack staff are made up of employees who have training in Wilderness First Responder, CPR & First Aid. The Urgent Care Clinic is located in Sisters, 15 miles from camp. A designated emergency vehicle is on site at all times. Camp staff use two-way radios for activities when campers are away from the main camp area. 



Campers stay in enclosed cabins. Each cabin has bunk beds and a heating unit.


Our professional food service staff, serve delicious, nutritious, well-balanced meals. A vegetarian and gluten free option is available at every meal for vegetarian and gluten free campers. 


Camp Tamarack’s staff are the heart of our camp. All program staff who run camp activities have individual areas of expertise to share with campers. Counseling staff are selected for their experience working with children, judgment, maturity, and their fun and caring attitude. Through their role modeling and by creating challenges that foster individual and group development, our staff provide campers with the opportunity to leave Camp Tamarack with a better understanding in the values of respect, responsibility, honesty, and caring. 


All staff must complete the application and interview process. They must have current National background check and Bend Park & Rec. background check. 


Counseling staff are required to complete six days of training.

Training topics include: child behavior management, positive discipline techniques, all- camp activities, games, age appropriate programming, emergency procedures, cultural competency, bully prevention, and health and safety management. 


As part of the daily program, Camp Tamarack has volunteers or guests on-site to share their special talents and enhance the value of the campers’ experiences. Examples of this might be teen leaders, a local scientist, a pottery expert, a musician or camp alumni. 



The health and safety of your child is our primary concern. To ensue Camp Tamarack has the information necessary in advance, the Health & Safety Packet must be returned to Camp Tamarack immediately upon registration. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to provide accident and health insurance. Camp Tamarack does not provide any coverage for members or participants. 


We strongly discourage parents whose children are on medication throughout the year from putting them on “medical holiday” while they are at camp. It is not always in the child’s best interest to take time off from his/her medication. We will be as accommodating as possible with your physician’s recommendation. 


Children with communicable diseases will not be allowed to attend camp until they are free of the disease, or until he/she is no longer contagious, as determined by a doctor. Campers with fractures, breaks, or stitches must have written permission from their physician to attend camp. 


Cleanliness is a key component to keeping campers healthy. Campers will be encouraged to wash their hands prior to every meal. Your pre-camp support of this concept is appreciated.

Bathrooms are inspected and sanitized each day by a member of our facilities staff. Camp cleanup takes place each morning when campers assume responsibility. Camp Supervisor will check cabins for neatness daily. To model responsibility for the care of camp, counselors are active participants in helping with these tasks. 


If you will be sending any over-the-counter or prescription medications or vitamins, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Complete the Medication Information Form. Please include all medication and/or vitamins being sent to camp. Directions on the container label must match your written directions on the medication form.
  2. Regulations require us to dispense medication only from the original container according to the prescribed dosage. Your local pharmacy can provide you with an extra container if needed.
  3. Camp Tamarack provides Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl and cough medicine. Please DO NOT send these items with your child to camp. Indicate your approval to dispense these medications in the Health & Safety Packet.
  4. Over-the-counter medications, prescribed medications, and vitamins must be sent in their original containers with the original pharmacy label. Prescription medication must be prescribed to the camper. No exceptions.
  5. Only send the exact dosage (plus two extras) your camper will need during his/her session. Exact directions for dispensing the medicine along with the time that it should be taken must be written on the Medication Information Form.
  6. Place the completed Medication Information Form with medications in a plastic bag and bring them with you to check-in.


Our camp’s health area has a limited capacity to keep campers in extended isolation. In our experience, campers with medical conditions feel more comfortable recuperating at home. In such situations, the camp staff may contact parents and request that they come early and pick up their child from camp.

Camp Tamarack’s policy is that parents are responsible for transporting sick campers home. It is also our policy to refund fees on a pro-rated basis when campers must return home early for medical care.


Final payment must be received no later than June 1. After June 1, full payment is required at the time of registration.


Make checks payable to Camp Tamarack, and send to 19696 Sunshine Way, Bend, OR, 97702. There will be a $20 charge for returned checks. We also accept Visa, & Master Card. 


If your camper is unable to attend camp, please notify Camp Tamarack immediately. To receive a refund, you must notify us in writing by June 1. According to how you originally paid the fees, a check or credit card refund will be issued, less the $100 non-refundable deposit. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing refunds. If cancellation is due to illness or injury and is after June 1, a refund will be given, less the $100 non- refundable deposit. 


If your camper will arrive late to camp or will be picked up early, please notify Camp Tamarack prior to the session to make arrangements. If a camper does not show up at camp by evening of the opening day, staff will call the primary contact to determine the camper’s whereabouts. No refunds are given for late arrivals or no shows.


It is our policy to consult with parents on strategies for dealing with campers who have behavioral problems. Camp staff will make every effort to call the family starting with the lives-with parent or guardian, then the emergency contact. When the welfare of the camper, other campers, or camp property/equipment is jeopardized, the parent(s) guardian(s) will be notified to pick up their camper at their own expense. Travel arrangements will always be made in advance with the parent or guardian. Program fees will be forfeited.



For your convenience, Camp Tamarack offers round trip transportation from the Bend in a van/bus, or you may choose to drive your camper directly to Camp Tamarack. RESERVATIONS NEED TO BE MADE IN ADVANCE ONLINE.

There is a $20 transportation fee, ($10 each way) if you would like to use our transportation from Bend please make a reservation online via the camp tamarack web site,

Bend van pick up on Sunday is at 1:30 from Bend Park-N-Ride lot located on SW Columbia St between Galveston and SimpsonBend drop off on Friday is between 12:15:-12:30.

We ask that you do not change your transportation arrangements. We reserve vans/buses based on reservations; therefore, we cannot give refunds of transportation fees. 


For the safety of your camper, you will receive a claim check when your camper boards the bus at the check-in site, or at camp if you are driving. On pick-up day, you must present this claim check before we can release your camper. Without the claim check, you or your authorized pick-up person will be asked to present a photo ID to the staff in charge to receive a replacement claim check before your camper can depart the bus. Individuals authorized to pick-up your camper must be listed on the transportation page of your Health & Safety Packet. Your camper will not be released to anyone not on the authorized pick-up list or that does not have a claim check from check-in.


Label each piece of your child’s camp gear name. At the end of each session, we will attempt to return lost and found items to campers before they leave camp. All lost and found items left at Camp Tamarack will remain at Camp Tamarack. Call 541-595-1006 to locate lost items. Any items left on the bus or at Camp Tamarack will be held at Camp Tamarack. Please remember to check that your camper has picked up his/her luggage, sleeping bag and pillow. Two weeks after your child’s camp session ends, items will be donated to charity. Camp Tamarack is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.


Check-In Time: 3:00pm Sunday Pick-Up Time: 11am Friday

If you would like to take your camper directly to camp, please follow the check- in and pick-up procedures in this booklet. It is especially important that you do not arrive at camp before 2:30pm for check- in. To eliminate congestion in and around camp, the gates will be closed until the appointed time. 


FROM REDMOND/BEND – 45 minutes

  1. Take US-20 West towards Sisters Oregon.
  2. Continue on US-20 through Sisters West (13 miles)
  3. Turn left onto SW Suttle Lake Rd.
  4. Continue on Suttle Lake Rd. 1 mile
  5. Turn left for Scout Lake/Camp Tamarak
  6. Continue on Forest Service Rd. 2066 1.0 miles to Forest Service Rd. 600
  7. Turn right on Forest Service Rd 600 (Look for Camp Tamarack sign)
  8. Stay to the right. Camp Tamarack is 1.3 miles down FS Rd. 600


  1. Take US-22 East towards Sisters, OR. (82 miles)
  2. US-22 becomes US 20 (16 miles)
  3. Turn right onto SW Suttle Lake Rd.
  4. Continue on Suttle Lake Rd. 1 mile
  5. Turn left for Scout Lake/Camp Tamarack
  6. Continue on Forest Service Rd. 2066 1.0 miles to Forest Service Rd. 600
  7. Turn right on Forest Service Rd 600 (Look for Camp Tamarack sign)
  8. Stay to the right. Camp Tamarack is 1.3 miles down FS Rd. 600


Parents or guardians should accompany campers to the check-in area and remain with them until they board the bus to camp.

All camper medications are left with staff at the check-in table.

Parents release campers to camp staff when they board the bus to camp

At check-in, each parent is given a claim check which they will present at pick-up to identify themselves as an authorized pick-up person. Without a claim check, the pick-up person must present a photo ID and be listed on the camper’s authorized pick-up list.

Each bus will have a cell phone and emergency numbers on the safest side of the bus as determined by the supervisor.


Complete a brief health screening.

Check-in at the check-in table.

Turn in all medications (do not pack in camper’s luggage).


Authorized pick-up person must be physically present at drop off location before the camper can depart the van.


Authorized pick-up persons must be listed on your camper’s authorized pick-up list in the Health & Safety Packet. Your camper will not be released to anyone not on the authorized pick-up list.

Medication Information Form

All medication, including over-the-counter or vitamins, must be in its original container. Remove this page from the booklet and place in a zip lock bag with the medication(s) and bring to check-in. No loose pills. Check all medications in with staff at check-in.

This form is used to dispense your camper’s medications. It must accompany the medications, be legible, and give clear directions for dispensing each medication. Directions on the label must match the written directions below. Please take time to prepare before you arrive at check-in.


Camp Tamarack Main Office – 541-595-1006

Assistant Director/Lauren “Otter” Rodgers – 541-595-1006

Site Supervisor/Donny “Squirrel” Stevens – 541-595-1006

Camp Director/Charlie Anderson – 541-633-9847 



  • Campers should be able to carry their own luggage from the bus to their cabins. Avoid overpacking.
  • Please label all belongings with your camper’s name, including bedding.
  • Since campers spend the majority of their time outside, please send clothing that is not expensive or new.
  • All items on the clothing list are important at camp, especially the rain gear, warm jacket, or sweatshirt.



Warm sleeping bag

Toothbrush & toothpaste                        Towel & washcloth

Shampoo and soap                                     Sunscreen/chapstick

                                                     Water bottle

Shorts                                                            T-shirts

Jeans or long pants
                                   Sweater or sweatshirts

Socks & underwear                                   Night clothes

Warm jacket
                                                Rain jacket

                                                                 Sandals/water shoes

Closed-toe shoes
                                       Extra pair of shoes


Self-addressed & stamped envelopes



Book, playing cards, etc.

Disposable camera 
w/name written on it

Sheets & blankets

Costume item for a skit



Do not bring the following items to camp. Prohibited items will be returned, if appropriate, on the last day of the camp session.

  • Cell Phones
  • Alcohol/drugs/tobacco products
  • Matches or lighters
  • Pocket knives/weapons of any kind
  • Electronics, including iPods, mp3 players, 
radios, e-readers, or video recorders
  • Candy or Food
  • Expensive make-up or clothing
  • Fireworks
  • Animals
  • Personal sports equipment